Double Coin Tyres

Shanghai Zhengtai Rubber Tyre Factory, founded in the 1920s as the earliest tyre manufactures in China and Shanghai Dazhonghua Rubber Tyre Factory, have set up shanghai Tyre & Rubber (Group) company through strong union and merger. After several structural changes in company was renamed as DubleCoin Holdings Ltd. In May, 2007 with a total production capacity of (6.80) million tyres. Devoted to becoming one of the most professional suppliers of tyre products and services.

DoubleCoin Holdings Ltd. Is a professional tyre manufacturer with the longest tyer making history in China? it boasts the most famous DoubleCoin and Warrior brand in the industrial history of Chinese Tyre. DoubleCoin Holdings Ltd. Was the first company certified by the US department of Transportation, the Economic Center of Europe (ECE) and the INMETRO of Brazil.

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