The history of KUTTENKEULER group began in 1924 Heinrich Kuttenkeuler establish a bicycle and motorcycle business, just one year later he also starts selling can oils and lubricants. He opens his first petrol station in Siegburg near Cologne 1928.

When the company moves to Numbrecht in 1942, Heinrich Kuttenkeuler already had 40 people working for him. Today, the group has it’s headquarter in cologne-Hahnwald and its activities center in supplying fuel to its own and forwarding agencies products are shipping from the spot market to intermediate storage depots and then to market itself another innovative area of the KuttenKeuler group’s business activities is the sector of lubricants. This has been a major focus in the last few years not only in the development but also in marketing and sales.

The product are meanwhile the highest quality and are sold throughout the world in addition, cleaning and care products for car washes are now developed and marketed. The sales volume of the Kuttenkeuler group in 2002 approx. (90,000.000) euro.

For more information please visit www.kuttenkeuler.de/kkweb/En/default