Volvo Service Center

We at Volvo Service Center set our standards to go along with Volvo standards to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Maintain the machine up-time
Also taking into consideration the main value of VOLVO:
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Quality
Being a Volvo customer means having a complete set of services at your fingerprints .Volvo can offer you a long-term partnership, protect your revenue and provide a complete range of customer solutions using high quality parts , delivered by passionate people.

Volvo has the right solution for you. So why not let us provide all your needs throughout the whole life cycle of your machine? By listening to your requirements, we can reduce your total cost of ownership and increase you revenue.

In Order to do So, we did establish the most modern service center equipped by the best tools and software from Volvo – Sweden which can:
  • Inspection : Whether you choose to have a wear inspection or oil analysis, all inspection services provide maximum uptime.
  • Software: To increase the performance and fuel consumption of your machine, the optional software supports your machine operations.
  • Telematics : CareTrack works in harmony with your machine, producing data to reduce fuel costs, optimize performance and manage your service plan.
  • Certified Refurbishment: Volvo Certified Rebuild Program optimizes your budget and the long-term value of your investment.
Volvo Construction Equipment is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, guaranteed performance. Service and maintenance is vital for ensuring maximum uptime and profitability – Volvo’s services include a wide range of product maintenance and service solutions, including Customer Support Agreements to ensure your machine remains in peak condition.