VOLVO Training

VOLVO has conduct a training for Excavators at JOSC Service Center from 13th - 17th / 1/2019. During this training Mr. Peter went through theoretical and practical sessions and get the chance for JOSC team to practice more about hydraulic pumps and other parts of the same.


Double Coin Tires

Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. and Delegation from Double Coin Tires – China met on Sunday, Oct., 27th 2018 , during this meeting JOSC express their appreciation for the support D.C gives it during all the years, also, they discussed all of the promising areas to enhance, during their visit the delegation has visited all of company facilities and confirmed that JOSC provides the market with the best and reliable tires from Double Coin. At the end the delegation was satisfied with the results they have seen and confirms their support against any challenge might effects the market

زار وفد من شركة دبل كوين – الصين يوم السبت الموافق 27-10-2018. خلال هذه الزياره ثمنت الشركة الدعم من قبل شركة دبل كوين وتم مناقشة الخطط المستقبلية وكيفية تطويرها ومن ثم تم عمل زيارة لجميع مرافق الشركة حيث ابدى الوفد اعجابهم بالتجهيزات التي تضمن الشركة من خلالها تقديم افضل الخدمات والاطارات لعملائها


This MAHINDRA XUV 500 Video filmed in Wadi Rum in corporation between Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. as the sole distributer for Mahindra automotive in Jordan & MAHINDRA-India

تم عمل هذا الفيديو لسيارة ماهندرا موديل XUV 500 والذي تم تصويره في وادي رم بالتعاون فيما بين شركة جميل عودة وأولاده الوكلاء الحصريون لشركة ماهندرا في الأردن وشركة ماهندرا - الهند

VOLVO P6820C Pavers start operating at Amman-Aqaba Desert highway

VOLVO P6820C Pavers start operating at Amman-Aqaba Desert highway

Seminar held on 16th , 2017

JOSC had conduct a training for VOLVO Pavers P6820c from 12-14 / 11/2017 and concluded with Seminar for VOLVO Machinery road equipments on the 16th , the key speakers was from VOLVO, the event included walk around the machine and the assembly of machine parts These Pavers will be used for "Amman-Aqaba" Desert Road project , Elite customers, major contractors, and government representative has attend the seminar to have discussions about Volvo road machines product line-up models, at the end of the seminar prizes was delivered to Pavers owners who win this tender

Second Shipment of PAVERS from VOLVO arrived

Second Shipment of PAVERS from VOLVO arrived

New Vehicles from MAHINDRA "XUV500" just arrived

New Vehicles from MAHINDRA "XUV500" just arrived

First Generators from Welland Power - England arrived

First Generators from Welland Power - England arrived

First Paver Machine arrived from Volvo

First Paver Machine arrived from Volvo

Safety Meeting

JOSC held a safety meeting at the service center for driving instructions.
We wish safety for all


Today 22nd,May,2017 We have signed a partnership agreement with "EVERDIGM" A South Korean Manufacturer Co. who starts from construction equipment manufacturing to construction business fields , this agreement is to provide Jordan Market with the best quality breakers. And as per EVERDIGM CEO saying: "Challenge and Innovation is Another name for EVERDIGM"

شركة جميل عودة وكلاء مركبات ماهيندرا تدعم حملة ’اكتشف الاردن’ السياحية

رؤيا نيوز - اكدت شركة جميل عودة واولاده وكلاء مركبات ماهيندرا مشاركتها الفاعلة ودعمها لحملة "اكتشف الاردن مع ايزي رينتال وهيونداي " السياحية المقررة يومي الخميس والجمعة والتي ستنطلق من امام معارض مؤسسة الوحدة للتجارة وكلاء هيونداي في الاردن ظهر الخميس بسيارات هيونداي ايونك الجديدة كليا الصديقة للبيئة في رحلة ترويجية للمواقع السياحية في وادي رم والعقبة ومنطقة المغطس والتي سيشارك بها العشرات من الصحفيين والاعلاميين الممثلين للصحف المحلية والمواقع الاخبارية الرئيسية والقنوات الفضائية في قيادة سيارة "ايونك" الصديقة للبيئة . ... اكمل قراءة الموضوع


As a continues bilateral corporation between JOSC & Schaefer, Schaefer has visited JOSC on 11/2/2017 and made discussions about the projects done by JOSC and the new plans for 2017 on which it ended up with a success results

A list of the projects made by JOSC:

  1. Mercedes main spare parts warehouse ( Rajeeb ) .
  2. Mercedes Bayader building ( warehouse ) .
  3. Nestle drive in + Selective system .
  4. Kuehne+ Nagel ( ZFZ warehouse )
  5. Caterpillar warehouse
  6. Nabil Factory


As a continues of JOSC – VOLVO cooperation, Volvo has made a visit to Jordan Market to have a close look and to confirm their support towards Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. and to stand against all challenges in the market. During the visit, Volvo has visited some potential customers and execute proper training to our stuff , also JOSC has explored their commitment to Volvo and to Volvo customers by providing the best service with genuine spare parts through Volvo engineers and technicians with the most equipped VOLVO service center and on-site service vehicles as well

Mahindra Show room

Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. has celebrate opening second Mahindra Show room at Al-Shumisany branch with the presence of Mahindra General Manager – International operations Mr. Dinsesh Choudhari . This step comes as an obligation and commitment from Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. to provide Jordan Market with the newest Indian Pickup's followed by the good service and support through our dedicated and trained engineers and technicians at our Mahindra Service Center also to provide the Genuine spare parts


Jamil Odeh & Sons Co. and OTANI Tires – Taiwan discussed during their visit to Jordan on the 28th of Nov. the relationship between two companies and went through planning for the upcoming 5 years the main topic was how to serve Jordan market and how to provide what is best in terms of good quality and reliable tires to meets the customer satisfaction. During their visit, the Taiwanese delegation has visited JOSC facilities and confirmed that JOSC providing the market with the best and most advanced technology in the tires world and they were satisfied with the results they witnessed